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To Honor the Zoning

To Protect the Neighborhood


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About the Coalition

Founded by residents for residents, we are a collection of concerned individuals that want the city to follow the existing zoning regulations and neighborhood overlays that allow for balanced growth, affordable housing and a respect for the city and its environs.


As the advantages of Asheville become more apparent and growth moves into our area, our community is now threatened by proposed developments that constantly seek (and are awarded) conditional zoning variances that alter our natural and historic character as well as put unimagined pressure on our infrastructure and vehicular traffic in the area.  Currently, there are two proposals moving towards a vote in the City Council; if approved it will add 400 families and 50,000 square feet of retail space on the corner of the already congested Charlotte and Chestnut Streets.


The Coalition supports smart growth, and the revitalization of the Charlotte Street corridor, but current plans – the precedent it sets for development on the rest of Charlotte St – are unmanageable and untenable.

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Home: About
Home: About

Charlotte Street is a gateway to multiple historic communities​​

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Our Concerns

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Concern 1

The Proposed 101 Charlotte Street Development violates the directives in the Asheville Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and the Charlotte Street Transition Overlay District, and does nothing to help ease the affordable housing crunch


While disrupting a whole neighborhood and displacing the current renters of affordable housing in development area, at the end of the day, the city is actually losing affordable housing from what’s there, or what could be provided by just following the Overlay.

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Concern 2

Density outside the norm

According to the recent Bowen report there will be about 3200 additional households in the city by 2024.  The two projects at Charlotte St represent close to 400 of those households, meaning that 12.5% of that total will be crammed on an already over-burdened road.  The city is considering these actions without any consultation with the residents, nor any explanation as to the plans for infrastructure improvement, traffic management, etc.  The neighborhood should be involved in the discussion on such a wide ranging, neighborhood altering plans.

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Concern 3

The Proposed Development will push local infrastructure to the breaking point

Old water lines on Charlotte, Furman and Baird are between 4” and 6” wide and Chestnut Street’s are only 16” wide.  Water impermeability is already 45%; with one new development, that number rises to 80%.  Charlotte Street already suffers from much standing water during rains, this will make it immeasurably worse.  Further, traffic congestion has already increased due to Charlotte Street’s “road diet.”  Adding 180+ residential units and 50,000 sf of commercial space will crush traffic in that area.

Click here to see the size of the proposed development

Concern 4

Charlotte Street as an “Innovation District?”


Charlotte Street was selected – along with the River Arts District and the South Slope – as an Innovation District.  While South Slope and the River Arts District are prime areas for overhaul and growth, Charlotte Street, Grove Park and Chestnut are more established and developed neighborhoods.  While the ACSG can support the smart growth of an Innovation District, the massive “over-investment” in this concept will have repercussions to the almost 4000 families that live in the 28801 zip code.  Further, while North Charlotte Street has proximity to downtown, South Charlotte Street is actually downtown, and there is ample city owned land to utilize, stretching from the Public Works at Beaumont Street to Biltmore Avenue.

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Click Here to see a neighbor’s plea to the City Council

Click here to see what a more aligned development could look like


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